It is hard to argue with this! Both Minnesota and Wisconsin have been named some of the best states in the country to live in.

There are always tons of studies done on things like this and Minnesota and Wisconsin often make the cut. A recent study found that Minnesotans aren't quitting their jobs as fast as those in other states as we come out of the pandemic.

Minnesota has topped many lists, like I said. Another great example of this is when Minnesota was named one of the safest states in the country. This study was done about a year ago and it was awesome to have that title at the time.

Another study found that Wisconsin is the place to be if you are single. The study, which came out late last year, basically told single folk to head to the state, specifically Madison. There were a ton of different factors that played into this.

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Now, a new study has named Minnesota and Wisconsin as some of the best places to live in the country! If you're reading this, you probably live in one or the other which means you already know this is the truth.

The study was done by WalletHub and was released on Monday (August 15th). Both states placed in the top ten, with Minnesota beating out Wisconsin slightly, coming in at number nine. Wisconsin rounded out the top ten.

What helped both states make the cut? Things like home ownership, with Minnesota being named as one of the states with the most homeowners. Minnesota also has a low rate of the population living in poverty.

Minnesota made the top five often when it came to different factors at play, including a high number of the population being insured and a high percentage of the population with a diploma or degree.

I didn't know any of these things about Minnesota but I obviously think it is a great place to live! Wisconsin didn't make the top five for any of the things that played into the study, like average weekly work hours or housing costs. However, it still did well enough to crack the top ten.

Sometimes Minnesota gets a bad shake. People think there is nothing to do or that it is too cold but studies like this prove that it really is an amazing state. Wisconsin also gets a bad shake, with people thinking there is nothing to do but eat and drink beer. Maybe this will prove the haters wrong!

If you're wondering which state was named the best one to live in, the answer is Massachusetts, of all places! New Jersey, New York and Idaho also rounded out the top of the list.

As for places you may not want to move anytime soon, Mississippi was named the worst state to live in in the country. Other states at the bottom include Louisiana, Alaska and Arkansas.

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