Have you ever seen a moose in the wild? It's a fantastic sight as these things are enormous. I've seen several in my life, and each time it's remarkable. It also can be frightening as moose can be very aggressive.

Fortunately, my dad's encounter with a moose the other day on the road to the cabin didn't become anything more than a cool sight. It happened on Sunday morning around 8:30 am. He was driving down Melrude road east of Cotton, Minnesota when he came around a corner and saw what he thought was a horse trotting along the side of the road.

As he got closer he realized it wasn't a horse. That's when it got a little scary.

When he was about 30 or 40 yards away the moose turned his head and he saw the antlers and realized what it actually was. He stopped.  immediately turned and looked at the vehicle. He dropped his head and stomped his feet. My dad says he stopped, put his car in reverse, ready to try and back up. He also didn't want to scare it by moving at all. So he waited and the moose stood there for a minute or two, staring him down.

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The moose turned and started trotting in the other direction. My dad followed at a distance, but the moose was still keeping an eye on him.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

After the moose stopped for the second time, he stayed back and waited until the moose disappeared into the woods. He waited another 5 minutes to make sure it was far off enough.

The entire encounter took about 15 minutes in a very short stretch of road. This moose was on his own time schedule. This isn't the first time we've seen a moose in the Cotton area. 20 years ago we saw one in a swamp a few miles from this location.

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