Yes, there is a good chance I join.

Sci-Fi Battle Arena located at 223 W. Michigan St., just a block away from the radio station studios in Downtown Duluth, starts training Jedi of all ages in September.

They are being very careful about wording though, they don't need Darth Vader's lawyer paying them a visit, so hence the Sci-Fi Battle name vs. Star Wars and they use plasma blades, NOT lightsabers. But as a certified nerd, I know what they saying and I'm 100% on board.

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They are having a sign-up seminar coming up on Wednesday, September 2nd from 6 PM - 7:30 PM at their location. Park your land cruiser and stop by to see some demonstrations and meet the "Keeper Warriors" and the "Callusus Overloads."

You may have seen them around town doing some outdoor training in Canal Park recently.

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