Ever wanted to own your own campground? This one-of-a-kind opportunity is less than a two-hour drive from Duluth.

This campground has a lot to offer: over 150 acres of land, shorelines on bodies of water including McDougal Lake, the Stony River, and the channel frontage. 34 buildings include a dining hall, a 3-story office building, 16 bunkhouses, and a rec. center, a riverside cabin, a health center, garages, a shop, and more.

You could really do a lot with the existing buildings and there is so much room for activities. You can find this property at 9830 Fredrickson Road in Isabella, MN (about an hour and a half drive from Duluth). It's currently listed at $2,900,000 and there is a lot of history here.

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According to the Timber Jay, the St. Croix Lumber Company sold about 175 acres along the shores of McDougal Lake during the 1930s. The Federal Government in Isabella decided to build a Civilian Conservation Corps camp on the property.

The land was then purchased in 1959 to develop a camp to help children with underdeveloped social skills. Just like that, Camp Buckskin was born. The camp developed quickly into a successful program that once employed a staff of 60 that helped children ages 6 - 18 with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Asperger's, and other underdeveloped social skills.

Chris Eilrich with WILDWOODS LAND COMPANY via realtor.com
Chris Eilrich with WILDWOODS LAND COMPANY via realtor.com

I'm not exactly sure when it closed, but I did see some great reviews online. Tim R. said:

I believe I attended in '92 and '93. This place will always be close to my heart. two of the best summers I ever spent as a child. learned to swim, canoe, archery, and how to shoot a gun! to this day I still have a deep respect for the woods. I just wish more kids had the chance to go.

Sharon M. also had a good experience:

I was a camper at Camp Buckskin years ago, now 62 years old. Was surprised that it's still running! I'm glad that it is. I was a camper the first time I went, the next following two years I worked in the kitchen. I enjoyed it so much, the memories will always be etched in my mine.

Now let's take a look at the camp and start the creative process on what you would like to do with it:

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