The Black Water Lounge in Duluth is reporting a major theft of inventory, which was taken from their back storage area.

According to their Facebook post on April 14:

We need your help...

Our Lounge had a break-in and robbery on Sunday, April 12th and had an incredible amount - well over $15,000 worth of food and liquor inventory - stolen from our back storage.

At any time, this would feel unsettling, disturbing, and upsetting... but especially now, we can't help but feel genuinely heartbroken by this.

We are working with the authorities - and with our internal team - to do whatever we can to figure out who this individual is, however, we know the power of community and appreciate any help or tips you can give us.

So we are asking for your help in identifying this person.

Things to look out for... If you see anyone trying to sell large portions of salmon, beef, liquor, etc. or if anything from this video seems familiar. We are more than willing to compensate anyone who can provide valuable information.

If you know anything, please contact us at #218-625-6113 or email

We greatly appreciate your word of mouth, share on Facebook, tips or information in advance.

With the challenges local businesses are already currently facing, it's unfortunate that something like this happened.  Spreading the word and providing information could go a long way in getting this solved.

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