There's a lot of discussions this year about the legacy of Aaron Rodgers, will he be great if he loses this weekend, or if he loses in the Super Bowl?

Well of course his fans think he is, but the sports talkers are saying, Favre has more appearances in a Super Bowl, Bart Starr has more wins than any Green Bay Quarterback. When you ask Aaron Rodgers what his future looks like, AOL says he uses two words, "Beautiful Mystery".

The only team that Green Bay should really fear is the NY Giants. The NFL says the Giants came into Lambeau and beat the Pack when Aaron was a backup to Favre. Then, When Green Bay was 15-1 a couple of years later, Eli Manning and company came into Lambeau and beat the Pack again. Eli is retired, and the Giants didn't make it.

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So Aaron is 38 this year. Which is like being 70 in sports years. There were whispers at the beginning of the year that Green Bay couldn't post a good record like last year. There were whispers that Aaron was trailing off in his stats. That is all it took for Aaron to be inspired. He looks better than some of his younger years in the league.

His clock is ticking to bring the title back, they were also the number one seed this year, Aaron doesn't want to be the guy that loses two number one seeds. He also doesn't want to lose to Tom Brady. They both find inspiration in being put down. I think we will see who wants it most. If either guy has a bad day, the whole team does. It will be a good game. I think Aaron wants to show Brady is beatable, and add to his Super Bowl rings.

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