The NFL power rankings are out and there are a lot of surprises, especially where the Vikings and Packers came in.

The Insider has released the power rankings and the New England Patriots are rated 18th in the league. I think this is the first time I have seen them outside the top 10. The real story is what the insider says about the Packers and Vikings despite the odds of them making it to the Super Bowl.

The part I find interesting is there isn't a pre-season. So I'm not sure how they arrived at these rankings. The pre-season usually gives us a look at who could be the surprise players that will step up and be the missing link for a team to make it to the Super Bowl. This year we won't even get a small look at Jordan Love of the Packers, or some of the new players the Vikings added to take over for some of the departed veterans.

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Here is the interesting part. The Insider has the Minnesota Vikings sitting at number 12 in the NFL Rankings. The Vikings chances of making the Super Bowl is 25/1, they say the Vikings still have their offensive core, they still have most of their offensive line. We will see if they made the right decisions for the defense. They feel the Minnesota Vikings will make it to the playoffs no matter what.

The other interesting part. The Insider has the Green Bay Packers are picked at number 11. The chances that they make it to the Super Bowl is 30/1, but they are picked to win the division. How does that work? Does Aaron Rodgers have enough in his arm to carry the team that didn't add more weapons but added Aaron's back up? Jordan Love has a lot of people, including Aaron Rodgers, saying good things about him. Could the exit of Aaron Rodgers be as bad as his entrance after Brett Favre left?

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