Summer in the Northland means road construction be found at any turn, with some projects unfortunately taking an extended amount of time to complete.

Two cases in point involve in Duluth involve Arrowhead Road and the recently announced Snively Road/Jean Duluth Road (CSAH 37) and Glenwood Street project, which involves installing a single-lane roundabout in that area.

The City of Duluth announced that work in both areas is ready to begin and while the work on Arrowhead Road will take several weeks, Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Snively Road/Jean Duluth Road (CSAH 37) and Glenwood Street project will last through September.

Beginning Monday, July 18, motorists should anticipate significant traffic impacts on West Arrowhead Road between Dodge Avenue and Woodland Avenue. Construction will begin on work within the travel lanes of Arrowhead Road that will require the road to be closed to thru traffic.

Work operations may require the road to be reduced to a single lane with flaggers managing the local traffic. This project includes work on the manholes and valves in the street, milling the existing asphalt surface, and repaving the road.

During this work, major traffic impacts are expected and there may be substantial delays. Again, this work is anticipated to take approximately three weeks and The City insists that residents within the project area will maintain access to their homes.

A detour route will be posted using Woodland Avenue, St Marie Street, Junction Avenue, College Street, and Kenwood Avenue.

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Also beginning Monday, July 18, the City and St Louis County will be closing the intersection of Glenwood Street and Snively Road along with the portion of Snively Road between Woodland Avenue and Glenwood Street.

This closure is required for work on the roundabout at the intersection of Glenwood Street and Snively Road.

According to the City of Duluth official summary of the project:

Snively Road/Jean Duluth Road (CSAH 37) and Glenwood Street are important roadways connecting residential areas to downtown Duluth. The intersection of Snively Road/Jean Duluth Road (CSAH 37) and Glenwood Street is an all-way stop controlled intersection that has been experiencing significant delay during the a.m. and p.m. peak periods. In 2018, St. Louis County, in cooperation with the City of Duluth, completed an intersection control evaluation to identify potential improvements to alleviate capacity and mobility issues.

Installing the single-lane roundabout was ultimately deemed to be the best solution for four big reasons:

  1. The roundabout provides the most efficient intersection operations during all periods of the day (low and high volume hours).
  2. The roundabout provides a significant safety benefit especially lowering the chance of severe crashes.
  3. The roundabout provides positive speed control by maintaining speeds between 15-20 mph at the roundabout.
  4. The roundabout provides for safe pedestrian and cyclist crossings.

July 18, 2022, will mark the beginning of Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Snively Road/Jean Duluth Road (CSAH 37) and Glenwood Street project schedule. Both stages are expected to be completed at the end September.

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