Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit quite like going somewhere that is fully decked out in Christmas decorations and lights! Even the biggest Grinch can appreciate places decked out in holiday decor.

There are many spots in the midwest that go all out when it comes to Christmas. I remember going to a bar in Chicago a few holidays back and it had decorations galore with lights, ornaments and just about everything else hanging from the ceiling.

I did some research and haven't been able to find any bars like this in the Northland. I think we really need at least one in our neck of the woods! Even those that don't like going out would appreciate something like that here, right?

The closest spot I could find that goes all out for the holidays is a few hours from here. I have been to this spot during the summertime but they completely transform it come winter time and it is pretty incredible!

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You've probably heard of it before. The spot is called Psycho Suzi's and it is located in Minneapolis. The bar completely transforms into a Christmas bar and pretty early on - on October first!

They call the transformation Mary's Christmas Palace and it runs through January 28th of 2023. The bar describes this transformation as "extravagantly tacky" and "escapist merriment" with a special holiday-themed menu.

The menu, as mentioned, is entirely holiday themed. Some of the fun drinks include a Gingerbread White Russian, a Frosty The Snow Globe and the I Hate My Elf For Loving You. Some of their drink names aren't safe to type out here. Ha!

They also have holiday-themed food options, with a bunch of pizzas with fun names all in the Christmas spirit. The holiday menu also has appetizers, which also have very fun names, including Mistletoe Munchkins and All I Want For Christmas Is Fondue.

I absolutely love a good theme so I am absolutely checking this place out! Plus, everything seems so elaborate and on theme. If you want to celebrate the holidays or want a good Instagram opportunity, this seems like a good place to do so. It is a little bit of a drive, just over two hours from the Twin Ports.

I am going to start my petition now for one of these in Duluth! There are many places with a holiday menu or specialty cocktails but I want a place to go all out. I think it would be a massive hit during the holidays, especially in Canal Park. Everyone would love to go to Bentleyville and then keep the holiday spirit going, right?

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