Some stories make you angry right on the spot and they're usually stories involving the mistreatment of innocent people or animals. This particular story falls into the latter of those two scenarios and I really hope they catch whoever did this.

On Sunday, the Raptor Education Group, which is a nonprofit located in Wisconsin, shared that two birds had been shot by pellet guns, a Peregrine Falcon and an adult female bald eagle. Sadly, the Peregrine Falcon did not survive their injuries, which occurred in New London, Wisconsin. It wasn't long ago that they were an endangered species and anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to notify law enforcement.

The bald eagle was shot over 20 times by a pellet gun and while she survived her initial injuries, she is fighting for her life as a result of the lead poisoning suffered from pellets. She also suffered a broken wing.

Raptor Education Group, Inc Facebook
Raptor Education Group, Inc Facebook

The Raptor Education Group both stories and related pictures on their Facebook page, while also providing additional details on the shooting of the bald eagle, which took place in Colfax, Wisconsin:

She was shot with bird shot; the scatter pattern of the shot suggests she was shot from underneath while in flight. The eagle has lead poisoning and a wing fracture. Our thanks to the resident that found the eagle in a ditch and called REGI for help. Thanks to REGI B.O.D., Steve Fisher for making the transport to Antigo with the beautiful eagle.

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At the time of their initial post, there was an initial reward of $3,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever did this. This amount was raised from the Raptor Education Group and their supporters. However, that reward amount has since more than doubled.

After media coverage about this shooting started circulating, places such as Dunn and Chippewa Counties in Wisconsin added to the reward amount, which now currently stands at $7,000. I'm purely speculating here, but I wouldn't be shocked if that number grew even more.

Since this is a federal crime and there's a nice reward involved, one would hope that information will soon arrive so that justice can be served to whoever did this.

I salute the Raptor Education Center as well a the many other groups out there across the country caring for and protecting bald eagles and other animals that should never be abused.

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