When I was a kid, snowshoeing was something I only saw people who lived in Alaska or mountain climbers use.

Things are a whole lot different. Now snowshoeing allows people to go hiking on the snow and opens up the trails for a whole new season. A lot of people like to snowshoe up the North Shore, both on the trails and along the lake. Snowshoes open up more land to get away from the noise and be part of nature.

North Shore visitor has a list of businesses that rent snowshoes if you are thinking of getting into snowshoeing but don't want to spend the money right away. There are trials all up the North Shore area that you can take advantage of around all of those rental areas.

Speaking as a former Nordic Skier, please make sure you don't snowshoe on the cross country tracks, it takes away the groove for the skis that were put there for the skiers. Check with Spirit Mountian and Hawks Ridge for some of the trails they have open.

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If you are wanting to snowshoe in a state park there are rentals available there too. The MN State parks website has some great tips like checking conditions ahead of time, getting a car parking pass ahead of time so you have a place to park, and come back to when you are done snowshoeing.

All trails have a list of the best trails in the State of Minnesota and Wisconsin. . It's complete with a map and a listing. If you are looking to have everything done and make reservations. Day Tripper is helping you with booking and equipment.

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