It truly is a cycle and one that so many in the community depends upon.  The Salvation Army Thrift Store location on Belknap Street in Superior is facing the realities that many other businesses are:  Increasing costs, staff shortages, reduced hours, and finding ways to expand its customer base.

The problem is - and what sets the Salvation Army Thrift Store apart from many other businesses - is that it's designed to serve and provide assistance to the general community.

Like many charitable thrift stores, the Salvation Army on Belknap Street in Superior, depends upon donations to stock the shelves.  Those donations are sorted, categorized, and then resold to people who are in need at a much lower price than a "regular" store.  It's a service that many people depend upon. In an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], Thrift Store manager Paula Cummings explains:

"We're doing to be doing what we can to have the lowest thrift store prices in the Twin Ports, new stuff daily on the sales floor."

And while donations have kept up and the prices are low, the store has been dealt a few setbacks that are proving to make staying afloat difficult.

It started with the construction work on Belknap Street.  When the street was closed and access was reduced, the Thrift Store experienced difficulties in keeping the foot traffic count up. Once the project was wrapped up, things started to get back to normal but then the COVID-19 Pandemic started and like other businesses, the store had to close its doors for the mandated shutdown.

Since those two setbacks, the Salvation Army's Thrift Store in Belknap has been struggling to remain sustaining in nature.  Even though the aim of the store is to provide necessary services to those who need it, it still needs to meet it's expenses and commitments.  "To keep its doors open, the thrift store...has to at least break even".

Because foot traffic has been down, that's been a challenge.  That's why administrators and staffers at the store are working to get the word out to the community about the situation and the necessary outcome.  Cmmings adds "We just really need people to know we're here and we're here for the community".

The store has taken to social media to advertise some of its special discounts  and the changes that shoppers will find in the store when they shop.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Superior is located at 1705 Belknap Street.  According to the details shared on its Facebook page, it's open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM - closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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