Someone's loss could be your gain.  The bidding window is open right now on the Tax Forfeited Property Auction being conducted by St. Louis County to sell off parcels that it currently has under its jurisdiction.  And there are great deals to be had.

More than 60 properties are included in the online sale, being hosted at  These properties represent both developed and undeveloped lots across St. Louis County.  Included in the auction are "nearly a dozen" lakeshore lots.  Additionally, you'll find a few parcels that have river frontage.

There are also lots for sale that are located in town.  Some are ripe for commercial development or operation.  There's a duplex in Duluth, along with multiple lots that have "been cleaned up and structured razed, plus buildable lots and recreational land throughout the county".

Bidding on the properties is easy.  Just click here to go to the website to get started. You can also follow this direct link.  You'll find a list of locations and parcels, as well as a catalog of the sites for sale that includes photographs, maps, and complete details about the parcel.  For each lot item, there's a starting bid price as well.


Individuals who don't have computer access can find printed catalogs which are available at numerous gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores throughout the county.  You can also call the St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for information:  218-726-2606.

There are a few qualifications that bidders need to meet.  To be eligible, a bidder can't have any delinquent property taxes on property that they already own in St. Louis County.  In order to be eligible to bid, the delinquent taxpayer would need to first pay what they owe before purchasing at the auction.

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For a variety of reasons, St. Louis County holds the rights to nearly 900,000 acres of tax forfeited land.  These parcels are under the guidance of the Land and Minerals Department.  While most of the land is maintained for resource management, St. Louis County encourages the sale of lane "that is not suitable for management as a way to encourage development and increase the property tax base."

This particular land auction is the third and final of of the year.

Stacy Caldwell Melcher

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