Do you find yourself being attracted to the way people say "you betcha" or "oh dontcha know"? If the answer is yes, then you might be surprised to see where the Minnesotan accent lands among the sexiest American accents.

I feel like the Minnesotan accent gets a bad rep in movies and television. With movies like 'Fargo' and 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', they have you asking yourself: "Do I really sound like that?". Honestly, some Minnesotans really do sound like that.

Does the Minnesotan accent sound a little funny? Ope, you betcha it does. However, do Americans find the Minnesotan accent sexy? According to a study done back in 2020, the Minnesotan accent was ranked 47 out of 50 different accents across the US. That was one place better than the year before.

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The website Preply did a recent study on both Foreign accents and American ones. As far as Foreign accents go, the most attractive were:

  1. British
  2. Australian
  3. French
  4. Canadian
  5. Italian

In the study, 90% of people said that someone's accent impacts how attractive you find them. 50% of people also said it's extremely important that you like a potential partner's voice.

Now let's see how sexy the American accents are. Instead of 50 different accents, this study only shows 14. Here are the results for sexy American accents:

  1. Southern
  2. Texas
  3. New York
  4. Midwestern
  5. Chicago
  6. Boston
  7. Southern California
  8. Hawaiian English/Pidgin
  9. Philadelphia
  10. Long Island
  11. Pittsburgh
  12. New Orleans/ Cajun
  13. Minnesota
  14. Appalachian

Oh geez, the Minnesotan accent is ranked second to last?! Is it the way we pronounce our long "o's"? Or the way we say "bayg" or "melk"? I like how the Midwestern accent is in the top 5, but the Minnesotan is near the bottom. Also, how is the Chicago accent sexier than Minnesota's? I would like to talk to the people involved in this survey.

In other categories, Minnesota ranked 13 in "which accents people like the most", 12 in "which accent makes someone sound smarter", and 10 in "most trustworthy sounding accents". That's a big "L" for the Minnesota accent in this study.

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