You've no doubt seen him.  Maybe you've taken a picture with him.  Perhaps the kids "interacted" with him.  And - he has a name, in case you didn't know.

We're talking about Bruce - the beloved mascot statue that greets you in the front doorway at the Black Woods Grill and Bar.  While I'm not exactly sure how long Bruce has been a part of the Black Woods family (I'm guessing since it opened, if I remember correctly), he has definitely become an iconic figure at the restaurant establishment.

That's why the recent news that Black Woods shared on their Facebook page came as a shock.

Apparently, someone removed the head from Bruce and took off with it, leaving the iconic statue not only headless, but "not available" for visitors - if you know what I mean.

Since the incident, Black Woods has tried to obtain a replacement for the ever-present greeter, they've been unsuccessful.  That post on social media suggests that supply issues are to blame, and they've "been disappointed numerous times" with their attempts.

Black Woods would like Bruce back.  Specifically, they're looking for his lost head - and would like the parties that took it to bring it back.

The restaurant and bar apparently does have surveillance video of the incident and they're "in the process of piecing things together to identify the group" that was responsible.

They would like your help.

If you know who disfigured and took Bruce's head, they would like to know.  Whether it was you or you know information, they would like to know - with no questions asked.  They only want to put Bruce back together again for many more years of welcoming customers.

If you do have information, you're asked to reach out to Black Woods on the Lake directly.

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