A roundabout is proposed to be built at the intersection of Glenwood Street and Snively Road during the summer of 2022.  In advance of the project, officials with St. Louis County and the City of Duluth are working to get details out to the general public.  To coordinate those efforts, they're holding a joint virtual meeting on Thursday, August 13 at 6:00 PM.

During the meeting, project officials will share data and information and also solicit feedback. Engineers will present the projects proposed design, construction impacts, and schedule.

Currently, the intersection of Snively Road, Jean Duluth Road, and Glenwood Street is an all-way stop controlled intersection.  In its current set-up, the intersection has seen significant delays for drivers and backups during peak driving periods in the morning and afternoon.  In 2018, St. Louis County engineers and the City of Duluth conducted an intersection control evaluation. That evaluation determined that a roundabout would be the safety option and most-efficient way to moving traffic along during all periods of the day.

To attend the virtual meeting, click here to visit the online project page.  Also included on the page is a full project summary from St. Louis County. Anyone who is unable to attend the meeting - but still wants information - can contact Resident Engineer Steve Krawaway at 218-625-3841.

St. Louis County maintains an up-to-date online project page.  For complete details about this roundabout or any or the projects currently being worked on throughout St. Louis County, click here.

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