The Northwoods League (the one the Duluth Huskies play in) announced in a press release, that for the 2021 season you can stream video to all Northwoods League baseball games for free.

It's the start of a new baseball season and COVID left its mark on the world and canceled the season for the Duluth Huskies last year. It devastated the 2020 season for the Northwoods League. So, this year the league is going to make it fun and inviting to come back. For those people that can't make it to away games, or for people that can't get out, and for us baseball fans or Huskies fans, you can watch the games at home.

This year is the 28th season for the league and promises to be a good one. Players have dedicated their time away to make themselves better players and hitters. The Duluth Huskies website is reporting that every team in the league has 4 HD cameras to carry the action to people that enjoy streaming the teams to their home. This year all the fans can watch the streaming service for free.

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There is no better way to enjoy a game than to go to the game and be there for the action (and food) but this year if you can't make a game, have to work late, stay at home with a sick kid, you can still be a part of the action. It also makes it easier for college and pro scouts to watch a prospect. With the way college talent is developing and the Huskies took advantage of some of the cream of the crop, those people can watch too, for free!

Now the families of some of the players who are far from home can enjoy the game too. There is also an on-demand feature. Each game will feature a pre-game show produced locally by each team as well.

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