A car seat is the most important tool in keeping children safe when riding in a vehicle.  But in order for them to be effective, they need to be installed and used properly.

That's why there's such a focus on car seat safety clinics - those events often held by public safety agencies and health care providers.

Superior parents will have their opportunity to learn the basics of car seat installation and have their set-ups checked for safety at an upcoming event. The Superior Fire Department is hosting a Car Seat Clinic on Thursday, August 4 - from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM at their main Headquarters location at 3326 Tower Avenue.

Parents, grandparents, or anyone who has the need to have a car seat installed in their vehicle are welcome to attend this free event.  During the Car Seat Clinic, the experts will either install the car seat you bring along, or check the car seat you already have in your vehicle for proper set up.

To take part, just drive to the back of the Superior Fire Department Headquarters building on Tower Avenue - using the entrance off North 34th Street.  Then, proceed to the large overhead doors.

The Superior Fire Department is reminding attendees that there is no parking on the Tower Avenue/front side of the building.  That area needs to remain clear in case of a need for the emergency vehicles to leave the site.

Once again, there is no appointment needed for this Car Seat Clinic.  In addition, there is no charge for the service.  To get more details, click here to visit the City of Superior's page for the Superior Fire Department on their website.

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