Superior Mayor Jim Paine made an announcement yesterday about his political plans.

Jim Paine became Mayor of Superior in 2017, before that he was the Vice Chair of the Douglas County Board, and now he's looking ahead to the future and making plans for his next move, and he announced those plans yesterday in a social media post and at a gathering of media and supporters at Bucktales in Superior.

Paine says, "I ran for Mayor to build a city that works for everyone. We’ve come a long way in these last few years but we’re just getting started." If you can't figure it out from that quote, Paine announced he's running for mayor again.

The Mayor touches on some themes for this upcoming campaign, like affordable housing, shopping districts, internet infrastructure, and mental health and addiction care, plus he envisions bringing "art, theater, film, and culture back to our downtown."

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Paine also mentions the desire to "bring nature into every neighborhood and continue to grow our city’s connection to the wilderness and water that surround us." I'm not sure exactly what that means, but if it includes more rabbits popping in my yard, count me out with this one.

Paine is the first candidate to announce their intentions for the April 4th, 2023 election, primaries for this election are held on February 21st.

Paine was elected to office in 2017 after former Mayor Bruce Hagen retired with two years left in his fifth term in office, Paine was elected to finish those two years and eventually was elected to a full term in 2019.

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