The City of Superior has important reminders for homeowners this winter in regard to garbage and recycling can placement for the weekly collection process.

Truth be told, you might not give much thought to where you place your garbage and recycling bins, but it does make a big difference for pickup.  In order to make sure that the cans get dumped every week, they need to be accessible to the truck; this is especially true during the winter months.

To assure that everyone is on the same page, the City of Superior Code Compliance department is asking for help from property owners during our snowy months. Here are their two main "asks":

Shovel (or clear) a spot for the canister off to the side of the alley where it needs to be placed for pickup.  During the process of snow removal, the plow truck will leave banks of snow to the side of the alley; it's the homeowners responsibility to clear away a spot for the canister to reside - not the city.

Don't place garbage and recycling canisters in the pathway of the alley.  Too often - instead of clearing a spot for the canister to reside off to the side (as referenced above), property owners will just leave the canister in the alleyway.  Not only is this dangerous, it's against code. It can also make it difficult for the garbage truck driver to navigate to your canister.

To reinforce their requirements, the City of Superior Code Compliance department posted a picture & graphic on their Facebook:

In addition to maintaining a cleared area for the canisters, the city also requests that homeowners properly pull them back "completely onto your property" after the weekly collection day passes.  While it makes sense during the winter months, it is also a requirement for the other months of the year as well.

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