There is a growing problem in the Superior School District - at Superior Senior High School specifically - that is hitting epidemic proportions; the district is seeking help battling the mental health situation that has hit a flash-point.

Consider the following - with data pulled from news sources and the recent Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey:

  • There have been 3 suicide attempts on campus this school year (2019-2020)
  • 15 other students have been transported from the school to a hospital for mental health treatment
  • 53% of Superior Senior High School students struggle with anxiety
  • 21% of Superior Senior High School students harm themselves
  • 22% have considered suicide
  • 10% have attempted suicide
  • 17% have a "suicide plan"
  • 85 staff members have been harmed by students in crisis - one needed a visit to the Emergency Room

Meanwhile - on the flip side:

  • 54% of Superior Senior High School students report that they needed emotional or mental help but didn't receive it

To battle the growing mental health crisis in their schools, Superior School District has prepared a handout that they are distributing to lawmakers to get the word out about the problem.  Along with outlining the problems, it also offers suggested solutions to battle the situation; those proposals include:

  • Increase Wisconsin’s Medicaid reimbursement rates, which are 56% lower than Minnesota’s.
  • Increase state special education funding.
  • Change school social worker licensing to remove barriers for northern districts.
  • Offer sustainable funding instead of one-time grants for mental health needs.


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