A familiar sight for many Northlanders during the holiday season will be going away this year when the lights come down.  The City of Superior will be retiring the tree that it has used as a holiday focal point for decades when it cuts it down afterwards.

The tree - located in Center City Park, the corner of Belknap Street and Tower Avenue - has reached "the end of it's healthy life", according to Superior Mayor Jim Paine.  That diagnosis might surprise many, as it isn't that tall (old), and it has no obvious signs of blight or disease.

Once the tree has been cut down and removed, city crews will plant a small seedling to take its place. In an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], Mayor Paine promises that the new tree will be decorated and that families "and their kids can grow up with that tree".

So what will become of the tree that's cut down? That tree will be chopped up to "create yule logs and Christmas decorations".  City leaders hope to make pieces of the legacy tree available for the general public:

"The goal is to have commemorative ornaments available to pass out at next year's holiday lighting celebration.  'We might use some for fundraisers' Paine said.  'But I want to preserve as much of the tree as possible for folks to take home with them'."

For the meantime, people can get their last look at the tree that's been the "City Christmas Tree" for a long time; the annual Holiday Tree Lighting Event - the last one that will feature the current tree - will happen on Wednesday, November 23.  The event starts at 5:00 PM with the tree being lit at 5:30 PM.  There will be "treats and beverages" - and of course - Santa will be stopping by to visit with the kids.

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