Just as the seasons change comes help for Superior customers who have overdue utility bills.  The Arrears Management Program (AMP) offered by Superior Water Light & Power aims to get customers caught up with their utility bills that are past due.

The program is open to all customers who have balances greater than $200.00, are more than 60 days out, and have set up a payment plan.

According to details released in the Superior Telegram [paywall], the "Arrears Management Program is targeted at customers with past-due balances of at least $200 for 60 days or more on an electric, water, or natural gas bill".  All they have to do is apply, be approved, and then "set up and maintain a payment plan as part of the program".

Once the plan is set up in the customers name, they make two payments each month:  one to cover the current months utility charges and one to AMP to pay down the amount that's in arrears.  "After three months of on-time payments, the utility will match the AMP payment, reducing the total amount the customer owes over time".

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The AMP program is a great way for customers to make inroads towards paying off their debt.  It's worth noting that there are no income qualifications in place for customers to meet (i.e. no thresholds or minimums) at the present time.  That will change in 2022.  "Beginning January 1, 2022, the program will be available only to customers who qualify for fuel assistance".  Said differently, it would be worth signing up now for customers in need - before the restrictions are put into place.

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Customers who are interested should visit the Superior Water Light and Power website for additional details.  The site also details other options that are available to customers in need - like budget billing, deferred payment arrangements, and more.  You can also call 1-800-227-7957 or 715-394-2200 for information.

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