It's called "Jalapeno Noir" - and it's joining an earlier branded beer from Taco Bell.  That's right - the American-style Mexican fast food chain now has its own in-brand wine - specifically designed to pair with the chalupas on their menu in their Canadian locations.

While the wine is branded as "Jalapeno Noir", it's essentially a Pinot Noir - bottled by "Queenston Mile Vineyard in the increasingly popular wine producing region of Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada" - according to news sources. For the time being, it'll only be available in Canada, as Taco Bell introduces their new Toasted Cheesy Chalupas.

Customers at those select Canadian Taco Bell locations will be able to order a bottle of the wine for a price:  $20 a bottle.  That price-point is significant for a beverage from a fast food chain restaurant, but more-economical than the wines that Queenston Mile Vineyard usually produces; their wine selections usually sell around $30 a bottle.  The wine comes from the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada - a region that is growing in popularity among wine connoisseurs.

As an added-extra, Taco Bell is offering their new wine with three different labels - in an attempt to encourage collectors.  In addition to being sold at Taco Bell locations in Canada as of September 16, they're also available to order online.

Taco Bell fanatics and wine lovers have been trying to read between the lines of the company's press release to determine whether or not the wine will be coming to the United States. The company has offered that the “Toasted Cheddar Chalupa will also be available in the U.S. in November.”  Careful readers will note that the company left out any mention of the wine also being available to Americans.

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