I am honored to be able so spread the word about this very important event that has now spread to cities on both coasts and that is The Annual Ruck March put on by an incredible organization called 23rd veteran.org. So what is a Ruck March? " It is a traditional military exercise carrying a weighted backpack over distance."

The reason it is called nearly naked Ruck March is to make this event more fun  where people wear long underwear, superhero costumes or whatever you choose for a day of fun with live music and food/drinks throughout the course. The Duluth Ruck March is Saturday March 28 on Skyline Parkway. The total march is 10 miles and each participant is asked to get donations for the march.

The backpacks are filled with food and clothing items to represent the weight many service members carry in the battle of combat stress. The money raised from this event will help veterans in our area participate in their life changing reconditioning program. Please take the time to look at  the 23rdveteran.org website to get the full picture of what this organization is like and The Nearly Naked Ruck March is all about.

For more information or to get registered click here!

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