If you've been scanning Facebook lately, chances are you've seen friends sharing a video that paints an unflattering picture of Duluth.

The video is called 'Tour Of Downtown Duluth' and it's posted on a YouTube page called Save Duluth MN. The page currently features three videos, but the 'Tour Of Downtown Duluth' video has been viewed significantly more than the other two.

The host in the video tours popular downtown Duluth locations and exposes things that have been left in disrepair and people who are battling addictions and appear to have limited places to turn to for help.

As the video description states:

When you search Duluth MN you see a beautiful harbor town located on the the greatest freshwater lake in the world. As much as I would love to believe this the unfortunate truth is over the last 20 years poor leadership and decisions have turned this city into a mini Chicago. Weekly shootings, drugs everywhere, homeless living anywhere they can find shelter causing fires and unsanitary conditions. Panhandling is a popular employment opportunity as you can find multiple on every corner and they are encouraged to do so. This city has turned into a place I no longer wish to call home. It's time to save our city and change our leadership.

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He does go on to say that the reason this video was made was not simply to shame Downtown Duluth and leadership, but to "support change and show you the real Duluth."

He adds that more photos and video of Duluth will be shared in order to help support these needed changes.

With our radio station being located in the Holiday Center, which is in the heart of Downtown Duluth, I can't deny that I've noticed the things in this video and even more.

Our studios face Superior Street and in the past week alone I've witnessed a fight on the sidewalk that featured on man who was obviously drunk, people yelling randomly in the air as they walk by and a small fire in the garbage can outside the studio.

That being said, I also see a lot good things and great people while working downtown Duluth and all things considered, I enjoy working at this location.

Take a look at the video and share your thoughts on what you think of the current state of the City.

After viewing the video, some have criticized the host for only complaining, but not helping the situation.

He has since posted a follow-up video showing him taking the time to help while encouraging others to do the same.

At the very least, theses videos are spurring discussion and showing that while Duluth certainly has problems, as most cities do, simply complaining will do nothing to solve them.

Perhaps these videos will motivate others to take positive action.

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