Can you imagine looking out the window of your home to see a vehicle fully engulfed in flames parked on the street? This was a reality this past Monday for residents in the East Hillside neighborhood in Duluth.

Three vehicles were involved in the incident. The Duluth New Tribune states: "The  Duluth Fire Marshal's office has deemed as incendiary, meaning a fire was intentionally ignited under circumstances in which the person knows a fire shouldn't be started."

Dylan Sheldon and his wife were out of town when their Volkswagen caught fire around 4 a.m. The VW is a total loss which was parked in front of their home at 728 N. Eighth Ave. E. Sheldon said to the Duluth News Tribune " It would be difficult to accidentally start a fire like that, the fire seemed intentional."

The Sheldons had 2 vehicles parked out on the street, the Volkswagen that was completely destroyed and also a truck which the VW rolled into after it's brake lines burned through. The truck did sustain some heat and front end damage, but thankfully a neighbor saw the fire and called 911 before the truck became engulfed in flames. A neighbors car also sustained some heat damage and broken lights from the fire.

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Kate Van Daele, is a public information officer for the city of Duluth saying no suspects have been identified. She did go on to say to the Duluth News Tribune "Incendiary is one of four classes of fire. Duluth always will have incendiary fires. As of now, we do not believe that this is a serial fire setter working in this neighborhood."

The Duluth Fire Marshal's office is investigating the incident and could not elaborate  how the fire could have started since the investigation is actively going on at this time. What an awful thing to happen to this family, especially being out of town and coming home to this. Thankfully nobody was injured, and I am sure they are grateful to the neighbor who witnessed the fire and called for help.

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