Middle River Minnesota is a town of less than 300 people, but they are hoping to add to that number with some awesome incentives. The town is located way up North near the Canadian border just 22 miles North of Thief River Falls. But one other thing you may not know about this quaint little town, It Is "The Goose Capitol of Minnesota! "

That alone would make me want to move there, oh wait I am afraid of geese, so never mind. But honestly they are offering quite the package deal to anyone who is up for it. According to the Star Tribune  "Under the civic growth program launched in 2018 and expanded last year, the welcome packet includes a one-year membership to the local Sportsmen's Club, a free building permit, two free years of municipal water and sewer, free electric hookup, three months of free cable TV, a $100 gift certificate to the local tavern, and a free, 12-month subscription to The Honker, the community's newspaper."

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Now really how can you turn that deal down? But, unless you have a house or trailer to put on the land you will need to build a home of some sort on the property so there is that little detail. According to Middle River City Counselors there are currently 4 lots available all located in the town's northeast corner. The free land is available based on annual income criteria for example for a family of three or more the income cut off is      $107,000 or less. For a household of one or two people, the income eligibility line is $93,100 a year, or less.

The towns population has gone down 50% since 1970 and more recently the middle school was closed which upset many people in the area. But they did something pretty cool by turning the old school into an Airbnb. Guest accommodations include the gym, library, cafeteria and playground. The layout is described as a "family-style hostel."

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