Keeping people safe.  That's the ultimate goal of the police, fire, and emergency departments in the Northland.  Now thanks to a generous donation, one of those organizations will be able to better serve our region with the emergency equipment they need.

The Town of Superior Fire Department was recently awarded a donation to be used to buy automated external defibrillators (AED's) for the station.  They money - which totaled $10,725 - came from the National Bank of Commerce - which is headquartered in Superior.  The funds will allow the Town of Superior Fire Department to buy seven new AED's, which will be put into immediate service.

The fire department and the bank shared the news on their social media pages:

According to an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], the charitable contribution speaks to the mission of the department:

"By making this donation, National Bank of Commerce is supporting the Town of Superior Fire Department's mission to preserve life, property, and the environment bu safely providing the highest quality of service to the Superior community."

Prior to the donation, the Town of Superior Fire Department only had four AED's.  That meant that in order to use one, the department member had to travel to the station to pick it up and then drive to respond to the call. With the additional seven AED's, individual firefighters will now be able to carry a unit with them in their personal vehicles so that they will always have them with them - ready to be used.  And because the AED's won't be housed all at one place (the fire station), the distribution of the units will be greater - across the entire township.

Jon Webber - with the Town of Superior Fire Department - explains the direct way that additional AED's will benefit the entire community:

"This grant means so much to our department and our community.  These dollars will allow us to purchase seven new AED's.  Studies have shown that the quicker we can apply an AED on a patient in cardiac arrest the better."

The donor - the National Bank of Commerce - has a longtime history of community investment.  Headquartered in Superior, the National Bank of Commerce also has locations in Esko, Hermantown, Hibbing, Poplar, Solon Springs, and Duluth.

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