The Minnesota Twins will debut a Hall of Fame experience that will be virtual and can stay that way if it has to because it was designed that way. According to the Minnesota Twins website they have partnered up with Minneapolis-based REM5 STUDIOS, who came up with a virtual clubhouse where you can see exhibits and explore 3-D experiences that makes you feel like you are there.

The Virtual Twins Hall of Fame features 34 members of the team, according to the Twins website. You enter into a virtual world of Twins that lets you into the clubhouse, or you can see the most recent history, and there is a third room that highlights the World Series victories. It's all in an imaginary area that has a Hall of Fame feel to it.

The Minnesota Twins say in the article that the idea came out of having limited room to have all the fan experiences they wanted to offer. Instead of adding on to the field and having to make do with the space they had, if they made it virtual they can have as much space as they want to imagine.

The article goes on to say that the best part of this is they can offer this great Twins experience free to fans and it can be enjoyed on any platform, on a mobile phone, desktop computer, or a VR headset.

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To stay safe, a limited number of fans will be allowed at a time, but space will seem so real and will feel like they are there. The Twins said it will feature a chat, and people can pick an avatar if they want, and wear what they want, like a throwback jersey.

The Twins say they have been working on this for 6 months and it has finally come to fruition. They said with imagination, people might be able to re-live moments or be on the field during historic moments.  Who knows, maybe it could grow into something you could do from home and meet up with family or friends at a virtual game.

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