Despite claims that he was retiring, the man behind the All Hockey Hair videos is back for the 2020 season with a new video. In what has become a secondary tradition along with the tourney itself, there were plenty of creative hairstyles worthy of mention this year.

The ongoing cause behind these videos is the Hendrickson Foundation, which supports a variety of disabled hockey programs "by making it accessible to ALL people, despite any challenges they may be living with and creating a stronger and more inclusive State of Hockey." Great Clips made a $25,000 donation to the cause, which go John King, the man behind it all, to come out of retirement. As King so eloquently put it, "the flow must go on".

Hermantown, the Northland's only representation at the tourney, had two players make the cut this year. Aydyn Dowd made honorable mention, while Michael Graves made #4 on the list, being dubbed the "new mayor of Hair-mantown."

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