For years the popular amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota has transformed into ValleySCARE during the Halloween season. This year they will be switching it up to have a more family friendly option, being called Land of Tricks And Treats.

New this year they will say goodbye to the Halloween Haunt and introduce Tricks and Treats. Their website described it as:

Our all-new, over-the-top, larger-than-life, gotta-be-there Halloween event with all fun and no fright. From little goblins to grown-up ghouls, everyone will find ghastly great things to do for Halloween. Plus, we’ve got skeleTONS of delicious seasonal treats, drinks and, of course, candy!

The new Halloween theme will be happening from September 17th - October 30th, 2022. When you arrive, you will choose two paths, one leads to the Land of Treats, the other leads to the Land of Tricks. Let's dive in to see what you will experience at both 'lands'.

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The Land of Tricks will include:

  • Icky Ville - Eww! Yuck! Gross! If your Halloween fix includes all things slimy, crawly, goopy and stinky, then Icky Ville is your home away from home. Giggle at the messy mayhem of the Zombie Clean Up Crew. Laugh out loud at our hilarious game shows, “Quit While You’re a Head!” and “Would You Rather?” Bug out to tunes from The Snots, our all-zombie cover band. Don’t have a brain? We have a fried (funnel cake) one just for you!
  • Spooky Spires - Goth is glorious at Spooky Spires, a 1920s village with deadpan locals just dying to hang out with you. Feel the beat at our silent disco that’s not so silent. Get sucked in and creeped out by our immersive ghost stories. Dig into deliciousness at the Cemetery Cafeteria and Ice Creamatorium. Everyone wins at our SkeleTONS midway games. Got lungs? Showcase your best bloodcurdling screams at The Scream Team Talent Search.
  • Pointe Peculiar - You’re never too weird at Point Peculiar, a mishmash of B-movie schlock, monster madness and sci-fi crazy from the 1950s. Bust a gut laughing at our “Split Your Sides” improv show. Keep your eyeballs peeled for quirky aliens, mad scientists and disgusting creatures from the netherworld. Conjure up your own delicious (maybe?) drink in The Potions Lab. Create a cuddly monster to take home at our Build-A-Scare Workshop.

Over on the path to the Land of Treats you will find:

  • Everfall - If your idea of fall includes softly glowing candles, pumpkin spice and cozy flannel, Everfall is your classic autumn dream. Come on in for campfire stories, acoustic covers of popular seasonal songs, pumpkin decorating, rock painting and a leaf-peeping spot for photos. Enjoy s’mores, an elaborate custom cocoa bar, and craft beers, ciders and cocktails.
  • Sweet Tooth Acres - Down on the farm where the candy corn and lollipop trees grow like crazy, we enjoy fall’s bounty by indulging in the sweetest treats imaginable. Tap your toes to tunes from The Fun Size Four and Sally Saccharine & The Sucrose Sisters. Hit the Jolly Rancher’s Market, a farmer’s market with bushels of bubble gum, ears of candy corn, and fresh Swedish fish straight from the soda stream. Discover your candy match with The Candy Personality Predictor.
  • Conjure Creek - Heroes and villains merge in a colorful fantasy that’s equal parts Renaissance fair, fairy tale, and playful costume ball. Hear spellbinding musical stories. Search for Hansel and Gretel’s infamous candy house. Solve the Bridge Trolls’ riddle to avoid their costly toll. Get crafty in the mask-making area where disguise the limit! Indulge in Magical Margaritas that change colors.

They will also have live Halloween entertainment and fall festival food with some twists. It is crazy to think about ValleySCARE no longer being a thing after so many years, but this new theme does sound pretty fun for those with younger children.

Other new additions for 2022 include the return of the Grand Carnivale, a renovation to Coaster's Diner,  and a brand new bar near the Superior stage. Here's a promo from last year's final haunt:

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