There was an unusually heavy police presence in the city of North Branch Minnesota on Sunday, so the department took to its Facebook page to explain they were looking for a resident with multiple warrants. The man they were looking for is  38-year-old Jacob Tibbetts.

Tibbets was wanted in Chisago County and the police department's Facebook post asked the public to call the police if they saw him in the area and said there was no threat to public safety. Here is where things take a strange turn. According to Bring Me The News: On Tuesday afternoon Tibbets responded to the North Branch Police Facebook post in the comment section with the following:

North Branch Police Department I'll make a deal with you. You make sure my kids have enough money for a good Christmas this year and I'll turn myself in. I want to hand over money for her mom to give her presents from daddy and I want to give her two presents to open now. After I watch her open them I'll go with you to the other side. I aslo [sic] need bail money but I'm not worried bout that. As long as I know that my daughter got presents from her daddy I'll go today.

The North Branch Police Department Facebook Post has been taken down, according to Bring Me The News, the police department responded by saying: " Just for the record, Jake is the wanted party and is responsible for his warrants. It’s not his kid's fault. If we can come to a reasonable agreement for a peaceful arrest with him turning himself in we would be willing."

The reality of this situation is that this is a sad story that happens far too often. His kids are being punished for his actions, and who knows if his request is genuine or just a way to stall from going to jail. Hopefully, word gets out in the community and this family can get some help to make this an extra special Christmas for his kids.

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