Since the news of drama between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers broke around the time of the NFL Draft this spring, things have been largely quiet between the two camps. We learned that Rodgers didn't show up for the first day of Packers OTAs, but it has otherwise been radio silence from both the team and the MVP quarterback after the flurry of initial news around the NFL Draft.

Well, that status of silence has changed, with Rodgers offering some thoughts during an appearance on an ESPN TV show.

During ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne's final 'SportsCenter', Rodgers made an appearance, addressing Packers team culture, the drafting of Jordan Love, and the rest of the situation between he and the Packers.

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In the interview, Rodgers talked about the value of culture. He explained "People make an organization, people make a business. And sometimes that gets forgotten. Culture is built brick by brick, the foundation of it, by the people. Not by the organization, not by the building, not by the corporation."

He was specifically asked if he is demanding a trade, to which Rodgers unsurprisingly dodged the question directly, but addressed the situation in general terms, saying the following:

"It's never been about the draft pick, picking Jordan. I love Jordan. He's a great kid. A lot of fun to work together. I love the coaching staff, love my teammates, love the fan base in Green Bay. Incredible 16 years. It's just kind of about a philosophy and maybe forgetting that it is about the people that make this thing go. It's about character, it's about culture, it's about doing things the right way,"

He went on to explain that things really got in motion on this issue over the last season, explaining in the interview:

"A lot of this was put into motion last year and the wrench was just kind of thrown into it when I won MVP and played the way I played last year. So this is just kind of, I think, a spill-out of all that. But look, man, it is about the people and that's the most important thing."

Rodgers said multiple times something about the value of culture and people during the interview, continuing to seem to indicate that he feels like there is a perception of a lack of value for himself from what would seem accurate to say is the Packers front office.

With Rodgers making comments on the subject publicly for the first time since the news of the rift between he and the Packers broke, it will be interesting to see how his remarks play into the ongoing discussions between he and the team.

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