Snow removal isn't usually a lot of fun. After a weekend snowstorm that left portions of Minnesota and Wisconsin with several inches of snow, a pair of neighbors decided to have some fun with the removal process, all while putting smiles on the faces of those in the neighborhood.

Kylee Finch Wussow shared a video on Facebook over the weekend, showing her husband Jon and neighbor Glenn Casper clearing snow in a way you don't see every day. The two donned inflatable snowman suits while snowblowing in part of Black River Falls, which gave those in the neighborhood smiles and caught some viral attention online as well.

WKBT TV reported that they bought the costumes last week for "a fun night out on the town", but then decided to help neighbors with snow removal in the costumes.

I'm not totally sure what sort of "fun night on out on the town" they were having last week in the snowman costumes, but seeing the snowmen removing the snow is a fun touch on snow removal. We've seen people doing snow removal in inflatable T-Rex suits and other costumes, but this is probably the first time snowmen snowblowing has caught viral internet fame. Nice job, fellas!

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