Update: 12/15/21

According to The Duluth News Tribune the Duluth Planning Commission voted to table signing off on the proposal of a development at the Kenwood Shopping Center in Duluth. Commissioners want more time to address traffic, and any concerns relating to additional retail and restaurant space in the neighborhood.

Original Date: 12/14/21

Many of us have driven by the large piece of land that was cleared out at the Kenwood Shopping Center on Arrowhead Road in Duluth. Tons of trees were removed but there is still a massive hill that remains in place, so I am not sure what could be built there besides maybe a tubing hill. But in all seriousness, there is a developer who has a plan in place.

It has been nice to see all the new construction that has been happening in the city of Duluth over the last few years. Whether it has been businesses or apartment complexes compared to not that long ago when it seemed like there was a stalemate of any new construction at all in the area.

The developer apparently wants to build a 1,200 square foot retail or office building and potentially a new restaurant in that particular area. The planning commission will be meeting tonight at 5 pm to discuss the development and the public is invited to give their input through this link. 

Adam Fulton, Deputy Director of Planning and Economic Development said to FOX 21:

We’ve seen lots of demand in our higher education areas, this is close to both the UMD and the Saint Scholastica campuses, it’s got easy access to downtown and arrowhead road, so this is a very positive thing for that part of the city, but also for the city over all, as we see expansion in this corridor.

I would agree that is an ideal area for some type of new business and the land has already been cleared for some type of structure to go in its place. If you have a developer who has a solid plan for the land it would seem like an ideal option to allow this construction. Obviously, there are a lot more issues to consider, so for now we have to sit and wait to see what could possibly be built there.

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