I'm reading in all the sports websites, papers, and sportswriters columns that Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to be back with Green Bay at all.

AOL says he would consider retiring from the team before he plays for them. I think that is serious. That really says, he doesn't want to come back. Have we seen the last of Aaron Rodgers in green and gold? What would Green Bay look like and where would Aaron Rodgers go? CBS Sports is reporting that he would go to one of three teams.

Aaron said he would go to the Raiders. I think it's a bad idea, they don't have a full team yet, he would be going to the same situation, a good coach, mediocre team, not many weapons or running backs to brag about. Maybe it's the cool black uniform?

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He also said San Francisco would be a destination. That team looks good without Aaron, when you put Rodgers on the team they go from good to great and a contender to beat anyone challenging the NFC title, and good enough to beat KC. SF would be the team to beat for a couple of years while Rodgers is there. Then he would leave to host Jeopardy. (speculation)

Both those teams make sense, except this one, Denver. Maybe he said that while John Elway was there. I don't see a good team here. Not much talent on either side of the ball. They just got Teddy Bridgewater, so I think they are leaning that way. He would change altitudes. It worked for Peyton Manning.

Here are three scenarios I came up with that might work:

  1. Aaron goes to the Seahawks, Russell Wilson comes to Green Bay. Then each team gets an MVP caliber QB and each can move on from their unhappy player.
  2. Aaron goes to SF, Jimmy Garapalo goes to Seattle, Russell Wilson goes to Green Bay. Maybe?
  3. Minnesota pulls another Brett Favre, the Vikes sent Cousins to SF, Garapolo goes to Green Bay, and Rodgers comes to the Vikings. Then he has a good coach, good defense, good offensive line, and a million weapons, not to mention Dalvin Cook in the backfield and won't have to try to save the team in the last few minutes, but could if he had to.

Just a few thoughts. What will happen? I think Rodgers leaves.

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