I was not and maybe still not 100% on the Kirk Cousins bandwagon. I am sure many Vikings fans are shaking their heads in disbelief, but let me explain. First off he seems like the nicest guy on the planet, he is always very polite, and seems like a great father, husband, and teammate. Here is where I have a problem, he is so cool and calm at all times, in good situations and bad that I have begun to wonder if he truly is a robot.

I want t see cousins rant and rave, stomp his feet, throw a towel or opposite dance on the team plane with seven chains around his neck shirtless celebrating their latest big win. Oh, wait he did do that last night and it was awesome!

The Minnesota Vikings are now 7-1 and were fired up the minute they hit the locker room having beaten the Washington Generals 20-17. On top of this awesome record, the last couple of games of theirs has been wins that were hard-fought in the end and a little too close for comfort with the score.

According to FOX9:

Kirk Cousins finished 22-of-40 passing for 265 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception, and engineered three fourth-quarter scoring drives with the Vikings trailing 17-7. In Cousins’ first return to Washington, he got a game ball and broke the team down in the locker room with a "You like that?!"

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During Vikings Coach Kevin O'Connellls Post Game Speech In the locker room he mentioned Cousins and to "Give him the chains!"  Even team owner Zigi Wilf got in the spirit by dancing through the locker room. The "Chains" tradition started after the Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints and Cousins wore Christian Darrisaw's chain home.

Za’Darius Smith said the team is working on getting Cousins his own chain for Christmas. The Vikings have a 4.5-game lead in the NFC North Division, so let's keep the chain tradition going.

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