For fans of fast food, it seems to happen more often than not that a favorite menu item is out for a brief amount of time or pulled altogether, sometimes causing customers to band together in protest as they plead for that item to come back. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, it just depends.

For as much as I enjoy all types of fast food, I honestly am not passionate about any certain food item that I would petition to get it back when it is gone, but for fans of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, it is love on a whole new level.

In September 2020 Taco Bell phased out a number of items off their menu including the beloved Mexican Pizza. Taco Bell said the container they put it in caused to much waste. According to

Chaos ensued, with more than 175,000 rallying around a petition demanding the Bell bring back the Mexican Pizza. Taco Bell saw the uproar and responded by bringing back the Mexican Pizza in the spring of 2022 (mysteriously, in the very same box that was supposedly the cause of its removal in the first place) ... only to pull it off the menu again a few weeks later.

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Now Taco Bell has it back on the menu for good, fingers crossed.

If you have the Taco Bell app you were able to get it yesterday but as of today September 15, it is available to everyone nationwide. No word yet on what type of box they have now, but hopefully whatever kind it is will be one that is eco-friendly and stands the test of time. So the question remains are you excited that the Mexican Pizza is back?

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