Last night, Minnesota Vikings player Everson Griffen had been posting videos and Tweeting that someone is trying to kill him in his home. The original video and some of his posts have been deleted but the Minnesota Vikings issued a statement that they have sent a mental health professional to his home to help him.

Griffen stated that Dalvin Cook helped him buy the gun legally and he was using it to defend himself. In a statement from the Minnetrista Police Department shared by ESPN writer Kevin Seifert, Everson Griffen refused to come out of his home. He has fired the gun and claims someone is going to hurt him.

According to AOL, the Minnesota Vikings issued a few statements, mostly saying they want to resolve this issue and are concerned with the safety of everyone including Everson. They are hoping he doesn't hurt himself or anyone else.

The story is still unfolding and police are trying to get Everson Griffen into custody and diffuse the situation.

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Griffen has had a history of Mental Health issues, in 2018 SI interviewed Griffen after he had some incidents with police and the team. He showed up shirtless to Trae Wayan's house, escaped from an ambulance, and had other serious issues. He finally checked in to get help and then returned to the team.

SI reported he was evaluated and it was from unresolved emotional distress and didn't have any good coping skills. He was treated and escaped criminal charges. Now it seems as though the problems are back.



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