A long while ago, like back in probably late 2004 I was on a mission to find a movie I saw a trailer for one time.

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This was back in the Blockbuster video store days, and I consulted with the employees who were solid movie fanatics in the Duluth, MN store.  I only remembered a couple of lines from the trailer and that wasn't enough to go on for them to help me figure out the film's title.  I also didn't at the time know any of the actors in it.

Years went by and I every four or five would consult Uncle Google for help.  It wasn't until last week I discovered a website to aid in finding movie titles.  Whatismymovie.com came to my rescue and I was decently impressed with how easy it was to find it.

I knew the movie had a killer who drove a car and was basically a serial killer with it.  In the search box I simply typed in "killer car".  The second film that appeared in the list of many that have a car and a killer, was a 2004 film called Highwaymen.  This was exactly what I was seeking.

The film stars Jim Caviezel of 'Person of Interest' fame, and it doesn't really matter who else.  I say that because after all of the years I wanted to see it, the film wasn't that impressive.  Yes, I paid $2.99 on Amazon to rent it.

The point of this isn't to talk about a movie that probably should be forgotten, but rather what I think is a decent resource for finding movies you might be looking for.  I'm sure there are plenty of others out there now, but What is My Movie answered and almost 20-year question for me which is great, even if I didn't know I didn't need the answer.

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