There has been quite a bit of film crews in Duluth lately. If you missed out on your chance to be on camera, now might be the time. Plus, you could make some money while doing it.

TV star Katie Lowes, known for roles in 'Scandal', Grey's Anatomy spinoff 'Private Practice', 'This Is Us', and the popular Netflix hit 'Inventing Anna' was in town filming the new movie 'Merry Kiss Cam'. Here is everything we know about 'Merry Kiss Cam', check it out before it is released on Hulu this week.

Actress and singer Cristina Milian was in town and just wrapped up filming a movie called 'Body Language'. While she was in town, she even started a Duluth Diaries on social media.

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So, how can you get in front of the camera?

Tanner Nickerson, who represents Old Saw Media, shared a casting call through the Duluth MN Actors|Filmmakers|Crew|DPs|MUA|Screenwriters Facebook page.

They are seeking 8 individuals for a 'Visit Duluth' winter video shoot on December 9th, 2022. The selected 8 people will highlight the various winter activities and locations Duluth has to offer visiting tourists.

They are looking for people who embody the adventurous and outgoing spirit of Duluth, and represent the diversity found in Northern Minnesota. Each individual will be compensated $100/hour for their talents.

If this seems like the role for you, then you should email them at All of the applications are being received and reviewed over the next two weeks. After the selections are made, each applicant will be notified if they're selected. You check out the official casting call letter below:


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