There's been a lot of buzz recently surrounding a holiday film that has been filming throughout Duluth. Exciting news broke in May that the movie would be be filming from Monday, May 30th through Thursday, June 16th.

Even better was that the film was looking to cast local extras, who would be compensated about $100 for their effort.

Since then, we've learned that the film is called 'Merry Kiss Cam', and one of the stars is Katie Lowes, who was excellent in the recent Netflix smash, 'Inventing Anna'. Katie has been spotted in Duluth and seems to be enjoying the area.

'Merry Kiss Cam' shooting locations have included the new Apostle Supper Club and Carmody Irish Pub. Mainstream Fashions for Men and a few other local places downtown are also expected to be be featured.

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If you'd like to be involved in the making of this this film, this could be your lucky week! On Wednesday, June 8, there are two opportunities, one pays $100 and the other is a volunteer opportunity.

First, Northland Casting shared on their Facebook page that the film is seeking Kiss Cam Couples. As they say, this is your chance to 'cement your love forever in a feature film!" This requires about a 10 hour workday this week, and it pays $100.

Interested couples should submit their full names, phone numbers, email addresses and a recent couples picture to: You'll want to do this immediately as shooting takes place this Wednesday, June 8.

Then on Monday afternoon, Northland Casting posting another opportunity to be involved in the movie, one that does not pay, but sounds like a lot of fun.

They need to fill Duluth's Heritage Arena with hockey fans on Wednesday, June 8th. Filming will take place from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Volunteers are asked to wear UMD Bulldogs gear if available or wear the team colors of maroon and gold.

The Heritage Arena is located at 120 S. 30th Ave W in Duluth.

This will be a fun opportunity to get your family and friends together and ham it up as a hockey fan and maybe even end up in a motion picture.

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