The Northland has been waiting for a Costco for years. There was speculation, then a Costco pull out, and then finally earlier this year they broke ground. They've been busy building the 160,000 square foot store, and we now know when Costco is aiming to open to the public.

Ken Hayes

According to a Costco representative Megan Clancy, their goal is to open sometime between October 28, 2021 and November 1st, 2021. That would be around the final weekend of October, which aligns with their previous projections of opening in fall of 2021.

Ken Hayes

The store will be located at 4611 West Arrowhead Road in Duluth. They've been hiring since late July for workers for the store. They've also brought in workers who have relocated from other Costco stores across the country. The store is still hiring. I asked some of the folks at Costco how many people they need, and they are still looking for about 300 employees.

Ken Hayes

This is exciting for many people who have waited years for a Costco to open. As mentioned previously, Costco had pulled out of planned construction in 2020 due to several reasons. The uncertainty and economic impacts of COVID-19 played a part of it. There also was some frustration with the City of Duluth and development plans, according to The Duluth News Tribune. 

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Costco is a wholesale warehouse store that offers different membership levels to customers. The cheapest membership is the Everyday Value Gold Star Membership which allows you to shop online and in the store for $60 per year. The Gold Star Executive Membership offers more perks and 2% annual reward. You can read more about memberships at Costco's website. They also have these pop up tents around town for information and bonuses for signing up early.

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