The announcement was made by Alina Health today not to continue with the Courage Kenny Shoot for fun.

In the press release, they cited the latest COVID-19 numbers are rising and the Delta variant is helping those numbers. So, in order to error on the side of safety, they are canceling the in-person Shoot For Fun Fundraiser.

The Press release goes on to say the event was scheduled to bring together over 650 people from around the Duluth area to support life-enriching sports and recreation programs for individuals with disabilities in our community.

They also thanked the community for stepping up to support this year’s Shoot for Fun Fundraiser because they said they had over 100 teams registered and a record level of sponsorships. This was supposed to be a big comeback year for the organization.

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Last year it was all virtual. In the press release, there was no mention of the virtual version of it for this year, I would imagine with the decision coming at the last minute because of the rise of COVID numbers there wasn't a plan in place.

They mentioned all the programs in September that they would hope people would help with, like Archery, Power Wheelchair Soccer, Indoor Rock Climbing, Swim lessons, Yoga, Winter programs, Ski and Snowboard lessons (volunteer registration opens soon)
Curling And more throughout the seasons!

This is a valuable organization and helps people that couldn't experience things that we take for granted by giving them the opportunity to do them, and to take large steps to step outside of their comfort zone to have a bigger take on life. The Shoot For Fun is their biggest fundraiser so this move hurts but is probably the best decision to make.

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