With the COVID-19 Outbreak hand sanitizer has become scarce in some places, so Vikre Distillery in Duluth decided to help. Since Vikre produces the main type of ingredients in sanitizer during the distilling process, they decided to make their own sanitizer spray to use in the distillery. Now they have taken it to another level all together producing big batches of it to give to the community.

A spokesperson for Vikre spoke with WDIO saying " It's a sprayable sanitizer with 70% denatured alcohol. The reason it's a sprayable version is because we haven't been able to obtain aloe used for thickening, as it's largely out of stock. Vikre's sprayable product is good for sanitizing surfaces, and is also safe for misting hands. They caution using the product on sensitive skin."

Vikre is offering the sanitizer to anyone who needs it, stop by with your own container at 525 S Lake Ave #102 in Canal Park, (they are literally at the base of the lift bridge). They are asking that for individuals to limit the container size to 16 oz. Local business can pick up gallon size pails. Staff will be available to assist you from 12:00-5:00pm over the next few days while supplies last. Just knock on the door and someone will assist you. If you have sensitive skin they are cautioning people about using this on your skin and hands. For more information about Vikre Distillery click here.

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