If you are a Saint Scholastica Saints baseball fan you will recognize Will Peterson standing in the Duluth Huskies Dugout.

The Huskies Website says Peterson was one of the Scouting Analytics Coaching Hybrid interns for the team in 2019, at that time they said he was Head Coach Marcus Pointer's right-hand guy. Now, he is the pitching coach at the College of Saint Scholastica.

2020 wasn't a busy year for Peterson, according to the Duluth Huskies website, who had little or no baseball in his life and had to keep his coaching chops sharp. He said it was hard because he would put in the time and the work with the guys from the team for months, then nothing, the season ended before it really began.

He said to the Duluth Huskies Website, he has been staying sharp by talking to other coaches, learning, and growing as a coach. Peterson said, he might not have been on the field but he definitely studied the game and wanted to become a better coach, even if it wasn't being put to use.

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The Duluth Huskies say that Will Peterson was born and raised in Two Harbors, so he comes right from our backyard. Peterson says he attended games since they were established in 2003. He told the team he is excited to coach a team that got him into the sport in the first place. He described it as surreal.

Will said to the Huskies Website, he studied Math and Data Analytics at Saint Scholastica. He says he has used that as a key strength of his and says it helps him be a stronger coach. Almost like the movie Moneyball. The numbers never lie, you can't fake your stats.

Peterson says, he thinks that the Huskies will be able to win the championship because they have been so close. Getting back to the numbers, Will says they look good on paper and if the team can play like they are supposed to, the team can bring a championship to Duluth.

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