The Duluth Huskies announced they signed a catcher, from Arkansas to sit behind the plate at Wade Stadium.

He's a good catcher too. Cason Tollett graduated from high school in 2019 and signed to play for the Arkansas Razorback. The Huskies go on to say that Tollett has a good resume to join the team and again is another player who heard about the reputation of the Huskies and was hoping to learn more and become a better player.

The Duluth Huskies say that the new prospect, Cason Tollett, turns 20 and for the Razorbacks is an impressive prospect. He was heavily sought after by Arkansas because he was the number one catcher in the state as a High School Senior. He was also the number 3 player overall.  Cason is believed to go high in the MLB draft in the next year or so.

The Huskies site goes on to say that Cason played High School ball for Little Rock Christian Academy. As a Junior, he was already hitting .513. That is as a catcher, which is normally a low hitting position. I can hear everyone say, WHAT ABOUT JOE MAUER? Yes, he was the exception, this guy might be too.

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According to the Huskies website, he has a fair share of RBIs and HRs. Last year he made the USA Today's All-USA team in high school as the Arkansas Razorbacks went after him hard and he has paid off for them.

The Huskies site says he was injured in the COVID cut 2020 season and was playing and doing some pinch-hitting. He is hoping to show what he has and also be able to get himself back into game conditioning. He is hoping his Razorbacks will play a little in 2021, but if they don't I hope he plays here in Duluth so we can have some dogs and pop and watch him hit homers for the Huskies.

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