It's the law and the City of Duluth wants your help with turning in employers who violate the regulation.

Duluth requires all employers who have five or more employees to provide Earned Sick and Safe Time (ESST).  The requirement was signed into law by the city council on July 19, 2021; that's what the the council passed amendments to the Duluth City Code Chapter 29E.  Those amendments contained the following requirements:

  • Employers must provide new employees with a copy of their ESST-compliant paid-leave policy
  • If an employer maintains an employee handbook, a copy of the employers ESST-compliant paid leave policy must be included in said handbook
  • ESST may now be used by employees to cover lost hours due to the closure of their place of employment due to public health reasons

That access to paid time off is a priority for the city.  They worked to change the law to make sure that that ESST can "be order to care for themselves or a family member in situations involving illness, injury, physical or mental health conditions, domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking."

The City of Duluth has initiated a campaign to targeted businesses (employers) that are not in compliance with the Earned Sick and Safe Time law.  In a release from Kelli Latuska - the City of Duluth's Public Information Officer - the city requests that people report violations:

"If you know of an employer that is violating Duluth's ESST law, please visit the city of Duluth website to report the violation."

The release didn't mention whether or not there was a concern or whether they had had reports of violations already.

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