Streets and roads continue to be a priority issue for voters and city officials in Duluth.  That's apparent with the recent announcement of spending plans made by the City of Duluth.  City leaders outlined their plans for spending and improvements as part of the Sales Tax Street Improvement Program.

According to officials, Duluth will make a "record amount" of street improvements next year, with projects spread throughout the city.  Residents should notice the impacts as the road work progresses,

All told, Duluth will improve a 16.8 miles of roads. That number represents an increase in mileage.   In 2020, the city improved 14.5 miles; 2021's total is expected to clock in around 12.1 miles when the season ends this fall.  Duluth Mayor Emily Larson shared the numbers and recognized the "record amount":

"I'm proud to share that 2022 included 16.8 miles of road construction paid for by our voter-approved dedicated sales tax for streets.  This is a huge community accomplishment and something to really celebrate.  Based on the recollection and experience of Director Jim Benning, this is the single largest number of miles in one construction season, perhaps in our city's history."

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The Sales Tax Street Improvement Program was created in November 2017, approved by the voters with 76% in favor of the referendum that created it.  The program established a half-percent sales tax that is allocated to "repair, improve, and maintain" roads within the City of Duluth. The first year that the program operated was 2020.

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Since it's inception, the Sales Tax Street Improvement Program has made a difference - with city wide impact.  As reported above, the city improved 14.5 miles of streets in 2020 - compared to 2017 "the year the voter referendum was approved", when the city improved 2.53 miles.

2019 Superior Street Reconstruction Project in Downtown Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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